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Do emails and phone calls make communiction easier?

I think the rapid propagation of electronic technologies computers ,internet, cellular phones and other communication tools become more important in our daily life.If I ask you do you prefer the modern communication methods like phone calls and emails or the traditional face to face meetings what do you prefer? what is the reasons of your selections?


Computer meeting

Face to face meeting

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i prefer to the traditional face to face meetings.i think that the modern communication methods like phone calls and emails really facilitate our can chat with your friends even though they are not by your side.actually it's very convenience.but i think when people talk to each other it's very important that you can read the expression on the people's can also have some physical touch when there is necessary.physical touch can bridge the widest of emotional distance.the modern communication methods are virtual and mechanical.people increasingly rely on virtual communication tools,and i don't think it's a good fact,the virtual communication tools maybe will be the one of the reasons to cause the relationship between people become weak.

I prefer emails or letters~

Hi modaway, nice discussion. In my view I prefer a mix of two ways of communication quoted for you in this post. I like to join together modern methods of communication like mobile phone calls and the Internet with the "traditional", old and well-known face-to-face comunication. I think the professional market more and more demands us integration with technology and the face-to-face dialogue, because our world also deal with the world of words, dialogue and live presence.

we need to have both the facilities..... sometimes some helps...

woooow  great topic .it is  impossible  for  me  to think  my  life  without  internet connection.i think  nearly 90% people in the  world  to think  like me .sure  i prefer internet connection to  meet  face to face .without network  my  life look  like   awful dream .friend  i cant  meet  with u  face to face but i can  write  to my opinions with internet sure otherwise  i cant .

I think it's true. The technology of Internet really have changed our life. We can't imagine what we should do without it. When you commute in metro everyday, you can see almost all young man play with their cell phone. Some of them play video games, some of them read fictions, some chat with their friends online through Skype

I believe that the best way to comunicate with others is the face to face meeting. However, just in consideration of the topic of this discussion, I truly agree with the statement "the Internet makes comunication esier." Because I have moved in foriegn country last year, there is no way to keep in touch unless I go across the sea. Thanks to the online, it is availavle to talk with them easily without an expensive aircraft-ticket whenever I want to do. Even we can see face each other in the virtual place via skype. It's a amazing world!! :-D

We have a saying in Australia: "It's the best thing since sliced bread". That's what I think of email. It has made my life much easier.

Autoresponders in particular are most useful. I love email.

We have a saying in Australia: "It's the best thing since sliced bread". That's what I think of email. It has made my life much easier.

Autoresponders in particular are most useful. I love email. The Internet has made research so much easier. When I was at university there was no Internet and I had to do all research manually. It took too long.

personally, I think we cannot except any tool of these commuincation ways , therefor each route of them has its  essential role completely differ from other , for instance , in the interviews depend absoutely  on the personality and character of candidate so that is fulfilled by face to face meeting .

furthermore , when we want to send letters or important documents , we use email and this way is better than  travelling  to save the time and efforts. 

finally, I can say , this modern and tradition communication tools  play powerful role in our life. 

you are right and i completely agree with you.But about your question:as you know in this days people are so busy and are trying to do a lot in a short time so this instruments are what people are looking for BUT tho vital thing which people are missing is kind and that kind of comminucation that people can talk face to face and this is bad and I have beeen seeing it among my families'friends and folks etc.

I myself prefer to comminucate face to face but by the reason of my situation I have to use those instruments .shorty we can not follow just one of them and we must use both of them because not only we can not work without new technology but also we can not live without our dears.


So goooood! I'm very sympathetic to your picture. Thanks modaway.

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