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In age 23-24 years I got maybe first life changing situation: Suddenly I opened another world for me... I realized that world is much bigger than only planet "Earth" I mean that everybody knows from school that our planet is a part of solar system, but they think "It is so far away, who cares about such far sings, it is almost false, let it be the way it is..." My second little oppening was about teachers: Everybody knows that teachers are also humans, but after joining EC I realized that "OMG! They are absolutely normal people like me!!! They know how to make fun, they enjoy the life, they work and rest" So, my question is: Have you ever face such situation when you knew something for long time, but suddenly "Opened your eyes" and it became little shok for you?

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Indeed Teachers are very important , i m glad to have amazing teachers in my professional studies , they not only teach u about the subject and discuss theory but also they tell u their life experiences which introduces us to the real professional world we will enter soon. 

Hello, White Knight! I also think the same! You are lucky to have such teachers:) But my discussion is about little bit different question:) I mean, have you ever been in such situation when you knew something for long time, but suddenly looked at this from other side and it became little shock for you?

    Hi , Roman  a great topic up there  , and I have lots and lots to say about my life changing situations   , but not now  I will  do it later  . " say u have known  a table  , say u have known  as chair  , say u have known as tree  , but don't say u have known  as human  because  , humans  change " they are not stable like materials  or objects  

I got, what you mean, Rosemary! Indeed, some people can turn our life from head to toe by one single action! Thank you!

As to add with your EC experience, when I started talking here with people from almost all over the world I realized basically people are same, things those makes them happy, sad, offended sometimes :D, angry or to make them smile almost are similar. Their basic nature was same no matter what language they talk or what religion they belong to. Idiots, geniuses, war veterans, old, young as I was seeing people around me in real almost same set exist everywhere but with a little different make up and features : ))

I knew word cosmopolitan but EC made me live it in a way!!

Hi Muskan! You are right! After joining EC I got my third Shoking life changing situation! Thank you for your comment!

Wow what a nice topic Roman.

I thought there are some beautiful girl and the others are ugly. But I was wrong! Now I think that every girl is beautiful in their own way and has unique character. :D

You are absolutely right, Diah! Nobody can choose the appearance in the moment of birth, so it is at least unfair to say "you are ugly" especially for those cute creatures - girls:) Thank you for sharing your life changing situation!

I see that other members here made the same experience. My own experience has nothing to do with my membership here per se but with the English language.
My change started when I decided about five years ago to learn the English language. I was tired of missing language skills. Always when I had a trip to foreign countries, I was not able to communicate with the local people. Most of them had been able to speak English, only, I had not been able.
I always had good excuses to postpone learning English. Of course, my job, the family was full-time job per se... but to be honest, every day just for some minutes I would have been able to learn.

I am an open-minded person, without any prejudices against people with different race, origin or religion. My parents had taught me to respect everyone without making any differences.

Finally, I decided to learn English. I learned on my own with the help of using different internet portals.
Before I joined EC, I was a member anywhere else.
When they changed their conditions (to accept only paying members), I was looking for a new possibility. A friend told me about EC and ... here I am.
Hahaha, that is a long prolog, you will say, maybe.
So I want to tell you what I want to express.

As you wrote, Roman, it was as if a door had opened. To be able to speak or to chat with people from around over the whole world is exciting and it teaches us a lot. Although I was already an open-minded person, I made great experiences.
All of us have the same dreams, expectations, and wishes of life. A life in peace, freedom, a good education for us and our children, enough food to eat and clean water to drink, good friends, a clean environment... and so on.... simply said, a good life.
I am so happy to have made the decision of learning English. It's as if the world becomes smaller when we are able to communicate with one common language... only speaking with each other and listening to each other will help to avoid misunderstandings.

I can say, the English language was a big change in my life.

Thank you, Rose! No, I will not say that it is long prolog:) (despite it is:P ) Well, to be honest I was excited too, after joining EC! It is amazing experience! Everyday I talk to myself "Omg, is it true? I am talking with people from all around the world and they can understand me and I also can understand them. Still not clear but it is cool!" Thank you for sharing your life changing situation:)

Well, Chitra, it is not bad at all:) I just hope if you will face such situation, it will be good shock, not bad one!

Roman, let me tell you a secret.

Every time I saw an action movie, or a movie which a monster came here to destroy the world, I was really scared and protected myself with blanket, lol.

Only after being told by someone did I realize that ALL were just lies. It was when I was at elementary school. I forgot how old I was. :D And there are many things in life that made me change.... I will comment again if I remember. lol...


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