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In age 23-24 years I got maybe first life changing situation: Suddenly I opened another world for me... I realized that world is much bigger than only planet "Earth" I mean that everybody knows from school that our planet is a part of solar system, but they think "It is so far away, who cares about such far sings, it is almost false, let it be the way it is..." My second little oppening was about teachers: Everybody knows that teachers are also humans, but after joining EC I realized that "OMG! They are absolutely normal people like me!!! They know how to make fun, they enjoy the life, they work and rest" So, my question is: Have you ever face such situation when you knew something for long time, but suddenly "Opened your eyes" and it became little shok for you?

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Yeah, when I made my first career steps as HR assistant, I never thought that people face so many problems while their job search. It always was such an easy thing for me. I was amazed by dozens of applicants that found challenging to generate a good-quality resume, which will help them to be outstanding and avoid different typical mistakes. Working further I saw lots of applicants have problems on interviews, and what's the most insulting - all mistakes are the same and most of the job seekers believe in the same myths and seem to follow the same bad advice. It's such a pity that great professionals can't break ATS. All they need is a good career coach or at least use some great service, like AI resume builder that will definitely help them, especially if you are applying for the job overseas.  

Everybody knows that teachers are also humans, but after joining EC I realized that "OMG! They are absolutely normal people

Roman, I wonder what you thought about teachers. :D

Well... I don't know how to explain it clear, especially because now I think differently... It short, I thought that they are special people, without own life... Without good and bad habits. I thought that they can't enjoy the life... But after joining EC, I opened my eyes widely!

Roman, just yesterday, in a British I think serial, I watched the follow discussion between two adults:

-Hello ...(he said her name which I don't remember)
-Hello mister .... (she said his surname)
-You can call me with my name if you want.
-I can't
-Because you are my teacher.
-I am not only a teacher! I am also... he stopped talking for a moment and then he asked her for a date.

Teachers are not only teachers, they have life like us :)

Yes Elen! Exactly! Thank you for sharing this nice situation:)

Roman...there are many moments like is always nice to realize sth what pushes us towards better tomorrows right? :) like communistic slogan omg :D Anyway, it is sometimes good to make a step and see the things from different angle... just yesterday I realized one important thing about myself, which changed sth in me I mean my views got changed but I won't be more specific here :) without doubt huge change in every life our kids - you will see one day, how totally differently you will see the things after becoming daddy :p thanx for nice discussion!

Yes, you are right, this slogan is good:) That's why they took it... And thank you for sharing your life changing situations! Thank you :) Kids - I will write about it here, if I still will be EC member:) Or better to say "I will write about it here" xD Thank you, Lucinka!


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