Instead of going to school and playing with other children. They toil and expose their young bodies to danger. Is there any light for them at the end of the tunnel?

You can share your observation and personal views in this matter. You can also state various ways deemed effective to help these children.

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hello Maia ,

i greet you for the nice topic,

It is unfortunate that we see such a picture in our time

i see , the first step comes from the government by Punishing all the persons who do like this with children even the parents , then the people by making associations against underdevelopment and poverty.


Hi Hafida,:)

Thank you!:)

It’s really distressing to see children doing the hard work…and we start to mumble litanies of must do because we can’t help it...Other people say it is easier said than done…and therefore, they do nothing to change it.  This is a serious problem that I think government must give attention to…people should do their part also.

Just like MD. Shariar said it’s a chain reaction..we must focus on curing the ills of the country first and everything will follow suit.


I think a lot of children are working in dangerous situations or conditions, such as operating in mines, dealing with substances and bug sprays in farming or dealing with dangerous equipment. They are everywhere but unseen, working as household servants in homes, labouring behind the surfaces of classes, unseen from view in farms.

Hi Eion,:)

Very observant! Your recollections were amazingly vivid…and true. (this will make you a good spy…just kidding!:)

 By the way, the scene you described in details was the nagging truth about child labor…I hope the government and the people will work as one nation, to at least avert the situation…if possible.

Thank you!:)

With utmost respect to hafida, what I want to say, punishment is not the means of solution in this particular case if you do not sure what will happen with those children after banding child labor with due force and restriction, is government capable to make ensure all the privileges they deserve?

Most of the cases, parents are not cure enough to overrule the hurdle and depends mostly on there children. If u ever get a chance to visit the countries, suffered extreme poverty u could easily notice how the deeply rooted problems make a link between them as u try to pull one, another will pull it back surely.

I would like to suggest a long time plane, that will ensure gradual improvement and to help the under privileged children, at least to keep themselves aloof from physically harmful works. 

Hi Rana,:)

You are right! make this world a better place for the generations to come, lots of changes should be done...I think a total make over?... It is not an easy job, it will take time though. Government can actually protect the rights of the children and see to it, that it is strictly carried out.

Some people are willing to change and make a difference, but others chose "not to get involve."....and the government, can choose to be a benevolent leader, or a ruthless one.

Thank you Rana, have a pleasant day!:)

Poverty is not a good reason to make these children lost their world, they don't have to do adult job, where is the adult then..... where is their responsible, how could they do that? I agains children labour.I believe every children in this earth have opportunity to be children and enjoy their children world.

For adult, be responsible, be survive and always keep your spirit high, never lost your faith for a better world, so don't let our children do our job. It is not their time yet. It is our time - it is our role.

Hi Airin,:)

How are you?

"Don't let our children do our job. It is not their time yet. It is our time - it is our role." arresting, it is truly worth contemplating....if parents, and childless people hear these words and let it flow for a deeper understanding. I think, it can totally open the senses.


Some mothers and fathers force their children to do dirty works , cheat or even steal just for money and nothing but money.
What a sham is !!!
Workers… but kids . This problem is wide speared, particularly, in poor countries .
You can see blameless children have radiant beautiful glamor of innocent in their tired eyes. And Serenity beams from their looks .They wear their tattered clothes, sadness prevailed among their shouting.
They shout aloud advertising their services ,they so cute to such extent they can't pronounce the names of their goods properly .
And they lisp good's name sweaty , with unrest pronounce for their early ages , their strange dialects as their calls invoke their suffering and their fates . They are social victims of corruption. The lame starts with their parents up to governments. When you see them , you see exulted spirit , happiness in their eyes ,jamb gladly, shout joyfully although they are in an utter catastrophe but they give you doubts evasive answer to such extent that you may not successfully identify their agony. You can’t distinguish their plights , probably because they laughed at each other loudly.
They have the same interests as rich children have They abandon their duties as soon as they see children play football just for watching them .Or when they see children go to school, gaze at them ,wish if they could go to school like others.
Human is ruthless regarding with children . So they are victimized by their society and destiny.
Thank you dear for your nice topic.

Hi Tawfeeq,:)

You are right!....the love for money drives other parents to act with cruelty to their children...poor kids they do not have the strength to stop it...because they are too young and innocent and vulnerable to such acts. Most likely, parents cannot protect them, because they are the ones who violate and abuse the rights of their children.

Some people took pity, and want to help and protect them....but the bigger responsibility lies to the parents themselves.

"Come to think of it...if you are not capable of raising a child with love and dignity...don't bear one."

Thank you, you really have a knack for observing children on the streets...they cannot properly utter the words yet they are trying to make money.


I heartily appreciate your topic maia !
Also appreciate all the members who have given the valuable comments on this topic.

Instead we do not like, its a fact that child labour prevailing all around the world. I am totally against this. There should be some agencies like UNICEF to work against child labour and try to eradicate the child labour funtamentally. Thanx

Hi simple guy,:)

Thank you!...UNICEF is just one of the agencies that look after the welfare of the children. But we can't give them total responsibility to do this, alone. as an individual we can also reach out to the children...but it depends on person's discretion.

Some countries try their best to get rid of the problem, but there are actors that impede the drive against child labor. Some MyEC members cite reasons, why they are convinced that the fight to eradicate child labor is hopeless.


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