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Instead of going to school and playing with other children. They toil and expose their young bodies to danger. Is there any light for them at the end of the tunnel?

You can share your observation and personal views in this matter. You can also state various ways deemed effective to help these children.

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I agree with you that poverty is the culprit, but there are also bigger and deeper issues why children in some countries...(including mine) do the hard work. It is given that parents refuse to send their children to school because they can't afford  it, but others defy the odds because of the strong belief for education. Some prefer not to, and didn't even try, because they have an "out of this world mentality"... Reminds me... My friend's father grew up with his mother and stepfather. The stepfather doesn't want to send him to school because of the strong belief that "cow's lived even without going to school.".....imagine that....comparing his son to a cow!...gross!

Thanks Deepa for sharing your opinion. :)

I agree with u Maia, so do you Deepa. i think that almost of developing countries face this problem. Children should be have a joyful times and educated enough. Government must think the children as the assets for their future. but sometimes it isn't simple, for the countries that face economic crisis, make them (the government of the countries) have the difficulties to fulfill the basic need of their citizen, including their children. This condition makes us to think that we must do something to help the government, like maybe becoming foster father, foster sister/ brother, so at least we could contribute in order to help the children, you should take one or two child to support their basic need and education, of course with considering our income. (sorry for my bad grammar *shy*)

Hi Jeremy,:)

You shouldn't be shy with your grammar...that's the reason why we're here..:) just like you, we want to improve...and learning comes with time and patience.

Anyway, you're right with your opinion...the government should also act for the welfare of its people...but how about corrupt officials who amass the wealth of the country, for their own benefit?..Have you heard about a government turning against its people, creating an uproar and chaos?.

As an individual we can easily help if we have the means, and not completely rely on the government to do the job for us.

:) thank for your advice Maia, "learning comes with time and patience".. so inspiring me.

You're right Maia, so sad when we watch television or read newspaper that telling us story about war, poverty, and corruption that broking down the future of their next generation :(

Exactly!... we find it very troubling to watch and listen to the endless suffering of many people in and out of the country…but we have to hold on to preserve our own sanity despite the brimming personal repugnance we felt for this kind of situation.

Thank you Jeremy! It’s always interesting to exchange varying ideas with people, like!

And don't forget...children are the hope of tomorrow.:)

Very well said Deepa,:)

By sighting about small scale industry, you want to encourage people to be creative, thus, making additional income and improve the way of living at the same this process they can send their children to school and give them a bright future...brilliant!

Have a pleasant day!:)

Hi Lucy,:)

Thank you!...I appreciate your effort clicking the "Like" button, but I need your personal opinion in this issue.....come back! come back!...very demanding...sounds like a dictator eh....hehehe!

only stupid people do this to children

Hi mrjasnt,:)

For the record, it looks like it, especially when it is being imposed by oppressive leaders or irresponsible parents...

Thanks for stopping by.:)

I agree that child labor is a complicated problem that is increasing day by day. It harms the societies and the children themselves. But we couldn't stand with no movement. we should feel solidarity to solve it. It should be by applying awareness among people about how it's so dangerous and notable problem to let children toil in the streets and supply a suitable society to let them live and study in peace.


Hi bright-rubies,:)

I like your line of thinking my friend...:) raising awareness amongst people, build a strong community or group that will help combat existing problem..(in child labor)...Excellent!

In addition, how can you raise people's awareness in particular?...what do you have in mind?

What opinion can be? Of course I'm against it! It's disgusting!

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