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I believe there is someone for other. But sometimes, we can not easy to find the right person. We try to find the perpect one entire our time, in fact we forget nobody is perpect.

So, what should we do...justify or compromise? We try to do compromise but still... right now the result is below our expectation. Should We push ourself in the corner and rage to make a choice due to forces (by families, friends or neighborhood)? Ehm... I don't think so.

What should we do as a single person to be happy? I think, we just enjoy everything we have and do the best thing we can. Listen our heart and do positive things, it will return you positive. You reserve the right to pursuit the happines.

... And what do you think, then?



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I think nothing is perfect in life. Being single has some advantage and disadvantage as well as being married. Some think if they get married, their life would be better than being single and vice versa. I think we should be happy at any time and look at the bright side. If we really like to get married, we should go for it, But if not, we shouldn't do that just because others do it. 

Being single is good because we still have time to know ourselves and explore life with free mind. So, we can take it to our advantage instead of being sorry for ourselves. 

Nafis dear, in behalf, I think we have the similar idea 'about being positive' and I feel so glad that you can share your opinion in this discussion, it makes me re-think again and again about benefit and challenge of choices. thank you.

I hope we can do a lot of discussion after this, perhaps it is in another topic later.

You are very welcome. My pleasure. Thank YOU! 

Dear Junco, thank you so much. 

Dear Deepa, that's sound so sadness then. I'm imagine what you said...deep lonely and there is no joy. After I red the bright side and I red the dark side, It's like ' yin and yang' discussion.I appreciated it, thank you to share with me, your opinion. I hope we can share each other in other topic.

Yes, I believe that. That's why interesting view to see the old couple hand by hand in the park...:)

Hello Airin

        Ilike your topic.I totally I gree with you regarding what we should do. As some time being single is dismal and woeful,you can make top enjoyable pperiod in your life.You usually donot have greater resposibility like married,so you can do what you plane ,achive your goals,and enjoy you life.

Hi White Rose,

thank you for your opinion to share in this discussion. Yes, be positive. I like that like you said it, because every moment is precious time. perhaps, we can share in other topic later then.:) 

i think being single for me is not happy. are you happy if your alone? may be you making your self busy so you enjoy yourself alone but on the other hand u still feel the emptiness and asking your self why am i its time for you to find someone who will fulfill of your emptiness or your loneliness, try to get to know someone who can be trusted with and share your emptiness but then be wise on searching someone just give urself time to know the person dont be in rush it takes time.....but dont be rely to your words of being single is happy for me its just a rationalization of someone who cant be with somebody........just be friend to everyone and be nice ha ha ha stay happy


Most people think they´re not happy because they´re single, or they´re married, or they´re poor or rich... anyway, they don´t understand the happiness is a decision not a condition.

I´m single, I´d like to be married, but it doesn´t mean I´m not happy now, I try to enjoy my present, my family, my life; if someone wants to be a part of my life it will be great, if she won´t come?? it will not be the end of the world.

I share with you this quote, I hope you like it:

"Marriage has less beauty... but more safety than the single life. It´s full of sorrows and full of joys.

It lies more burdens, but it is supported by all the strenghts of love. And those burdens are delightful

Hello Gerardo.

I like it your quote, and thank you for share with me. I hope others like it too. It is very happy to have a friend to share and to discuss like this.

Hello Airin! We can achieve happiness even though we are single, for me I focused on my first priority- to survive in college, and have a stable job. I get my inspiration to my parents who work hard just to send me to school. I can be happy with my friends who always cheer me up when I have problems. There will be a perfect time and perfect place for marriage, if there will be.


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