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My topic of discussion is,

A female who is educated and having a good job like in MNCs does not prefer to marry a jobless guy, even if he is very nice and good person.

Why does it happen?

In the case of boys, they do it.

Last week, one of my friends asked this question and I was almost blank.. :D

I did not answer on his good question.

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Thanks for the comment...  Rosemary  :) 
Rosemary said:

  Rahul  , if u are well educated  , cultured  and have a good  salary . Would u marry a woman  of less qualities  than urs ????  Let us say  not that smart  , or beautiful  or maybe poor  . Would u do such a thing  ?? No , u wont . In the case  of a woman  Why Not  ?!  It is not marriage  it is a long term  relationship  . Both of them will suffer  if their is not matching  no common things  and things might end dramatically  in divorce  or cheating  

Thank you for the comment
اظہر الدین سید said:

No women will marry a jobless guy it doesn't matter how much he earns he should work. we need to have understanding between them there is no limit of human desire but we can work on it to fulfill real love never dies...

Hello SNR baji ...  oh ... that is why parents always force her daughter to get a government job.

thanks baji for the nice comment.
SNƦ said:


A Very nice topic you have come up with for the discussion. Like Men wish to marry a girl who is intelligent, beautiful and educated. So likewise girls also expect their would be better half should be working and earning.

At sometimes in life there comes a point when a woman cannot give her best or cannot handle the job as well as household work in such cases she would definitely expect her husband to take her responsibility completely and earn bread for her and children and I think this is obviously natural.

Men like beautiful and attractive with nice attitude girls,wheres girls want a person who has a prospering job with handsome salary. That's going this way. A man who has a good job never wanna marry a girl who doesn't has those quality. So why a girl who has everything that a man required does marry such a jobless guy?

I guess it is different in your country, Rahul... anyway look... I met my husband and we both were jobless :D hahaaa and we got together... as I knew he was a hardworking, smart guy, who did his best to get a job...why wouldn't I count on him when it comes to our future? The point is attitude of this guy...and girl should realize it instead of being to controversial and interested only in those who have job...btw who can assure such girl that a guy with prosperous job won't get one day jobless? :D she will break up with him then? Don't say yes or I will puke from such attitude !!!
I think because the women is mostly see to the Man as how much money he has.

In this vastly commercialized world, everything including human life has been priced, so there is no item or object in our world without a price. People are being religious and show that they drive life on the teachings of their religious leaders or founders, but the reality is totally different because human mind is well trained now to think of money as the main target of human life by modern economic settings. So, kindness, sympathy, compassion, care, love etc. are merely words in modern context, and every activity of modern humanity is connected to “MONEY”, so such human creatures always use the “financial potential” as the main yardstick in decision making process, so the value of human life is not measured on the basis of moral conduct, but on the basis of the strength of financial capacities.


Let me tell you fiction story I can imagine. But actually this is just my observation. :)

The story I got from some chauffeurs. And dear all, please note that this is only observation. ^^

A chauffeur often witness how people are cheating. "Mom, where are you? Dad is not home." "I'm at the meeting, dear. I will go home very soon". She was with someone else in a car... :D :D What come to my observation. The story came from other people with the conclusion that..... When woman is 'higher' than the man, woman (A WIFE) tends to find a better man (better than her) AND the man (A HUSBAND) tends to find woman who is lower than him.

So natural and you see now android makes it true... -_-

Please read this another story.

A man is the brother of the manager of an office. He doesn't have any specific skill in doing his job in that office. He only helps here and there just so he isn't idle. He start to declare his love for a girl there, but...failed. Guess what! He shot another employee there, failed again. Again, and again. :D

What do you think.....??? :D

I think it is depend on the cultures in my country this is not important for woman but for many it's very important to be with a job or the daughter's family will not engaged him.

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