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Reading A Dictionary Today may give us a new word to say !

Hello, everyone!

Do you use the dictionary frequently? How much does it help you ? It’s an undeniable fact that we, learners of English, need dictionaries to enrich our vocabulary. Who doesn’t ? Tell me, please! In my opinion, we will not depend  much on a dictionary if  we keep on  learning more  new words in our  life.

Today, I’m going to introduce a simple activity. All of you are invited to participate! It goes like this:

1I’ll post a new word on a daily basis.

2Your job is to write sentences as many as you like using the given word.

I believe that this will make the particular word stick firmly in our head,and we may not need the dictionary as far as this word is concerned. Okay, let me set the ball rolling!

                                                  The word for today is:

Word :  "Haughty"   adective   / ˈhɔːti /  

Meaning : Behaving in unfriendly way and seeming to consider yourself better than other people.

Sentence : The teacher has a rather haughty manner.

Now you write in the below comment box a sentence with the word "Haughty"  in it. The subsequent participant will give his / her sentence. You can keep sending in your sentences until I post a different word. Thank you!

NOTE: Did you miss the previous words? Do you really want to use those words in sentences like the current one? Not to worry – here’s what you could do! Go through the below comments. Look for the word posted by me along with its meaning and a sentence. For example, let’s take word #2 'Demure'. Now click on the ► Reply option that you see below that particular word of the day. Now all you need to do is type  your sentence in the reply box that opens up before hitting the Add Reply button. That’s it! Do the same for the other words that you want. Enjoy!

I'd like to thank my dear teacher  Gabriel  for his help and guidance to post this topic. I'd always be thankful to you!!



Check out the previous words that  have been introduced so far :

Word # 1: "Connive".

Word # 2: "Demure".

Word # 3: " Despot".

Word # 4:  "Appease".

Word # 5:  "Erudite".

Word # 6:  "Acumen".

Word # 7:  "Jubilant".

Word # 8: "Promulgate".

Word # 9: "Munificent".

Word #10: "Rebuke".

Word #11: "Furtive".

Word #12: "Hinder".

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Word #1 :  "Connive"

Meaning :  To cooperate, to plot secretly in an illegal or wrongful action.

Sentence :  Society as a whole also connives in the denial.


My sentence:

The government has no idea whether any foreign country connives with the rebels to topple the ruling party.

Note: Thank you for coming up with  such  an  interesting  and  useful  activity. I hope many will participate as you're doing this for their sole benefit! By the way, I'm touched by your heart-warming words, Asma! God bless!!


Hi Asma, good idea indeed to improve our vocabularies in this interesting way. Sure, special thanks to our creative teacher Gabriel.

My sentence: Connive  (kəˈnaɪv)

Most men have connived against women rights in our societies.

My sentence :

The government officials were connived at the destruction of the environment .

Thank you for this useful discussion ! It's so important to use any new word in sentences to know the correct use of it .

Dear Asma ,I have a suggestion for this activity ! I think it is more useful to paste the pronunciation of the word / /kəˈnʌɪv/ and its part of speech " verb...." . What do you think ? 

Thanks again ! Wish you all the best !

@ Dear, teacher!

I'm really happy to see you among us, thanks a ton for your contribution and for liking my topic.

@ Dear Bright- rubies,

I'm glad to see your lovely comment and for the link, thanks so much.

@ Dear teacher Hala,

I truly appreciate you suggestion, I totally agree with you. It's more useful to paste the pronunciation and the past tens beside the word. If you have any other suggestion, you are more than welcome.

Thanks so much!


Dear Zeal Bigant,

I would like to respond to your query on behalf of Asma. I hope she doesn’t mind!

The meaning of the word ‘connive’, as explained by Asma, is to work together with somebody to do something wrong (or illegal). Hence, your sentence ‘I connived with my dictionary to put reply here.’ is incorrect. We would like you to write another sentence where the word ‘connive’ is used correctly. Thank you! Happy learning!!

Teacher Gabriel,

Of course I don't mind, many thanks for your reply and explanation. I didn't understand his sentence so, I was confused about what to answer.

I was in doubt when giving the phonetic spelling as it didn't look/sound right. (I picked it from an online dictionary!) :

I think it should be /kəˈnaɪv/ ( This dictionary has more correct pronunciation codes than the others ...let's use it for the rest of the words ! 

Best wishes !

Hi, dear Asma!

It's great to see something new here ;) Thanks for refreshing my learning of English :)

Here is a sentence:

As we know from historic books, on 15 March 44 BC a group of senators connived and killed Julius Caesar.

Thanks Marik for your participation, I'm glad that you liked the topic :)

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