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How are you EC world ?

I got a question and I am hoping to get a positive response from all of you.

Here is my question...!


everyone is welcome to share their thoughts...! 

Let me tell you about me.

don't hold grudges even though i knew someone is really bad with me .. ! I just end up forgiving .My ego is not greater than my forgiveness :)

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hahah :D ok apart from joke :) I agree with you it's the best strategy for a happy and healthy life...

We should never let our egos get bigger than our forgiveness :))

forgive somebody is very good for me , it makes me very comfortable and it pacify my wrath so keeping grudge in your heart definitely hurt us more than other party. But I believe this fact that say :Trust is like a paper if you crumple it you cant make it like the firs time .

About ego I should say that it differ between person to person . ego is very important but i wish i was very carefree  .

its a really good expression . tanks .we should keep many secrets in our heart .


Mind blowing :)) you are pretty right I must agree with you.

Forgiving others bring peace of mind and heart while keeping grudges bring stress.

Dear Anah,

Holding grudge will make me unhealthy and get stressed. What to do and make ourselves better is more important. ^_^

Wow, great discussion!

 Well , holding  a gurdge  will affect  ur mental health  and distrub  ur sleeping  time .

It  is a heavy  burden  that might drives  u toward bad things  . It will harm u more than ur enemy  or rival .And it will prevent  u from enjoying  ur life . It is the result bad  guys want u to keep  . U must be strong  enough  to let go and practice  forgiveness  . However  , when it comes  to my self I can't claim  that I can do it all the time but I am doing my best  :)


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