How are you EC world ?

I got a question and I am hoping to get a positive response from all of you.

Here is my question...!


everyone is welcome to share their thoughts...! 

Let me tell you about me.

don't hold grudges even though i knew someone is really bad with me .. ! I just end up forgiving .My ego is not greater than my forgiveness :)

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Not long ago, I was pissed off with someone and didn't wanna have anything to do with that person anymore.  But then I ran into this nice quote:

When nails grow long, we cut nails not fingers. Similarly when misunderstanding grow up, cut your ego, not your relationship.

So after cutting my ego, I felt so much better!  I'm glad I did, otherwise, I would surely regret losing that friendship for the rest of my life.

how wisely you understood the quote Ohnie hats off to you dear .. 

and yes i agree with that too .. 

Well, I'm not good at forgiving. I stop talking the person who annoys me or hurt me. I believe there are many more people on this planet then why I've to forgive someone who is not important to me. I think everyone do so we only forgive those people who are important to us and we can't live without them.

thats a cool attitude towards dealing with people and life too.. 

but brother we should try to forgive others it gives us peace , peace of mind. :)

I always tend to forgive although never forget my self steem or self respect. That's not less important.
We must be good people but not stupid :)

estanis :) yea i agree we should not forget our self respect. nd yea we must be good but not silly enough .. 

well, it depend on how great we have of ethics ..and don't forget our religion taught us to be forgiving in order to gain rewards from Allah, ..

In addition, keeping a negative feeling or grudge  for long has negative impact whether in social life or on ur health directly ..:)

Hope that will work and clear message for all ..

thanx for ur nice topic ..

agree with you ADEL005 

you are most welcome nd thnks for taking part in this discussion :)

I don't hold grudges. Sometimes when they badly hurt me for no reason I stop talking to them. But it does not help me either, I can't stop thinking why they did this to me. Its always better to ignore them, rather making myself sad and discomfort. 

momo yep you are right .. i forgive others just because i need peace of mind .

nd we should forgive and end all the grudges for the sake of our CREATOR.

In my case, I forgive, but then it is rather impossible for me to maintain the warmth of relationship any more.

mishaikh i see dear its really difficult to maintain the same feelings for someone after getting hurt.. 


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