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How are you EC world ?

I got a question and I am hoping to get a positive response from all of you.

Here is my question...!


everyone is welcome to share their thoughts...! 

Let me tell you about me.

don't hold grudges even though i knew someone is really bad with me .. ! I just end up forgiving .My ego is not greater than my forgiveness :)

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Not long ago, I was pissed off with someone and didn't wanna have anything to do with that person anymore.  But then I ran into this nice quote:

When nails grow long, we cut nails not fingers. Similarly when misunderstanding grow up, cut your ego, not your relationship.

So after cutting my ego, I felt so much better!  I'm glad I did, otherwise, I would surely regret losing that friendship for the rest of my life.

Well, I'm not good at forgiving. I stop talking the person who annoys me or hurt me. I believe there are many more people on this planet then why I've to forgive someone who is not important to me. I think everyone do so we only forgive those people who are important to us and we can't live without them.

I always tend to forgive although never forget my self steem or self respect. That's not less important.
We must be good people but not stupid :)

well, it depend on how great we have of ethics ..and don't forget our religion taught us to be forgiving in order to gain rewards from Allah, ..

In addition, keeping a negative feeling or grudge  for long has negative impact whether in social life or on ur health directly ..:)

Hope that will work and clear message for all ..

thanx for ur nice topic ..

I don't hold grudges. Sometimes when they badly hurt me for no reason I stop talking to them. But it does not help me either, I can't stop thinking why they did this to me. Its always better to ignore them, rather making myself sad and discomfort. 

In my case, I forgive, but then it is rather impossible for me to maintain the warmth of relationship any more.

I forgive and I consider it my weak side. I am not such egoist and have never been. To live hurt but "happy" that I gave somebody good lesson isn't my cup of tea. Not to give a chance to the second one seem to me selfish and I think we all can make mistakes. To give new hope, chance might lead to disappointment but on the other hand if the second one regrets, they might prove that to give them new chance was worth it.

 I am the same like you :)

Depend on the issue, perhaps some are more of still being hurtful when I recall about certain offenses someone did cross the line. I do agree with though you that holding grudge is not healthy; however, it is also the part of life journey, and time is a good healer.

"Forgiveness is a good thing " Whenever you forgive someone you make yourself more positive in life .

But , i forgive only one time cuz its very difficult for me to give 2 or more chances .....though i have given but you know after 2 times or more your thinking for that person changes a lot and you don't want to be in his/her company for long time or enjoy as much as you do before ....... but this doesn't applies to friends close friends very close cuz we forgive them many times as we many times understand and cooperate with each other .

Another reason we are not god and perfect like him to make no mistakes in life so that's also the reason to forgive for one time and give the chance .

About holding grudges in heart-makes oneself feel ill whether you feel it or not but you don't like to talk about that person anymore .You feel like why he /she did that ?? it shouldn't have happened or i was so good but what it gave the outcome of being so good ..... all that makes our heart sad sometimes :)

so, its better to forgive , sometimes its not so easy even so we must try to give ourselves some time and thing again for it :) Thanks for the blog anah! :) 

I do not Hold grudges, I'm not that kind of ppl whom spend their time thinking how to revenge!! I would even smile at your face while you're insulting me just to let you know that nothing gets to me. I forget so easily about whom hurt me that's why I don't hold grudges, I end up my relation with them though. But if they want to restart again I say " welcome" nothing deserves!!! And that means that I'm a forgiver, a Great one indeed ( lol :D ) and that's my lesson for them, they will feel ashamed and I'm better then them automaticly, and that is something they will never change in me ( if their goal making me feel that I'm nothing or bad or whatever! ). I can't remember any hurting among the countless hurtings I went through. All my closes called me idiot because I give more than one, two or three chances to those ppl. That's why I'm so thankful for what I am and I'm living my life peacefuly. If all of us hold grudges, it would so helly life. Our hearts our weapons whether we create our heaven or we make our hell. My ego is six feets under the ground :))

mY Mom thinkes that I'm the devil itself -_-

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