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What does this sentence mean?

It seemed that Adam would not be able to live up to his name.

Started by SalemLatest Reply


How much should we learn about Grammar?

I want to ask about this question: How much should we learn about Grammar? Since it has many subjects to learn about and sometimes it makes…

Started by ArioLatest Reply


On / In / At English Club

English Club members are using these three prepositions when indicating English Club. Can we really use any of them? Let's all define w…

Started by YaseminLatest Reply

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Want some partners to learn English

Hi,everyone:    My name is Ryan and I'm from China. I want some partners to talk with me in Skype. My Skype Id is ryanjfdengb1 . please add…

Started by jfdeng

4 on Sunday
Reply by Kevin

Looking for a partner to learn English with me in Skype

Hi,everyone: I'm new in EC.My name is Sam and I'm from China. I'm looking for a partner to learn English with me in Skype.It's my skype ID:…

Started by Sam

2 on Sunday
Reply by Kevin

Learning Lingustics

Hay everyone i would like to share my problem with you.. Learning linguistics is nightmare for me, actually i know and understand very well…

Started by Kisran Namkatu

1 Apr 24
Reply by Kevin


Those who are interested to enhance the level of speaking English add there skype id.

Started by Rehan

0 Apr 19

How do you get English speaking rhythm

This is hard for me. How do you know when to make the words shorter?

Started by Breeze

10 Apr 17
Reply by Josef Essberger

Believe words or believe in words ?

what about this sentence: She caught herself thinking that she could barely believe her own words.  or She caught herself thinking  that sh…

Started by Roksolana

4 Apr 17
Reply by Josef Essberger

A grammatical question

When we use time clause like : as soon as, while, after, before; we write sentences like this: as soon as i get home, i will watch TV or I…

Started by setareh

13 Apr 17
Reply by Josef Essberger

A tray for your cup

Hi ! I need your help please. I heard this " tray for your cup " several times. I tried alot to guess its meaning and the result was nothi…

Started by Amal

8 Apr 17
Reply by Josef Essberger

Which one?

Hi ! I'm confused with these two sentences . I don't know which one is right or maybe they're both correct. I am not rich financially. I…

Started by Amal

2 Apr 17
Reply by Amal

Is it a right sentence? Is it possible to say so?

Endless circle … Spiral of Earth time closed ( or locked or another word should be used here?)  Thanks in advance

Started by Roksolana

5 Mar 21
Reply by Jeffrey Raven


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